Born and raised in Alberta, Brent Sinclair grew up hunting and trapping in many regions throughout the province.
He began his career in the hunting industry in 1980 and since that time has made guiding and outfitting his full-time occupation.
Sinclair not only owns and operates a very successful outfitting business he runs a booking agency with a wide field of hunting opportunities and has been personally guiding clients from around the world to nearly every species of big game avaliable in North America.

Sinclair saw his first mountain lion treed in an old growth fir on the east slopes of the Porcupine Hills in Southern Alberta.
Since that cold January day back in 1980, he has followed many great hounds hunting cats through out the west.
His passion for his hounds and hound hunting remains at the top of all the hunting adventures he has ever participated in.

PORCUPINE CREEK OUTFITTERS Ltd and TROPHY HUNT AMERICA have been a full time outfitting and consulting business since that time.

Sinclair has climbed the mountains over looking the Sea of Cortez in Sonora and on Mexico’s Lower Baja Peninsula hunting Desert Big Horn Sheep.
He has rode on komatiks pulled by dog team across the frozen sea ice in search of “Nanook” the Great White Bear of Canada’s arctic,and watched pronghorn antelope fade into the distant sage and cholla cactus flats on the New Mexico plains.
He has personally been on or had clients hunt all of the areas they represent from Arctic Canada to the Andies of Argentina and from the red sands of the Kalahari to the Save Valley along the Zimbabwe / Mozambique border.

Sinclair has had the opportunity of being a client of and guiding for many of the most successful outfitters in the business today.
This has allowed him to select top quality areas and the men and women who operate them.

All of the outfitters Sinclair works with and for, run top quality operations, their operations meet the standards expected by his clients and himself.
He continues to look into new areas and has a very loyal clientele who have traveled many miles hunting a variety of species with him.
The high number of repeat clientele and their success rate has not come easy.
The support from those repeate clients is looked at as his success in the outfitting business.
In 2001 at the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep Convention in Reno, Nevada, Sinclair received the inaugural G.C.F. Dalziel Outstanding Guide Award from his peers for his years of dedication to the industry and for providing clients with a quality service and making life long memories.
In the spring of 2003 SAFARI CONNECTION (R) the Asian and African portion of his business was formed to provide clients who were looking to hunt the AFRICAN "Big Five" as well as plains game, Marco Polo sheep , Dagestan Tur and the many other species of game found in the areas of those countries.
You are spending a lot of money to book a hunting trip , OUR BUSINESS IS GUIDING AND OUTFITTING...

To my son Tanner ( Miss You More than you know Buck) you have left me with 27 years of memories that no one will ever take away.
And to my daughter Linds, love you for all the times you understood when I was not here with you….to our friends, clients and the many guides and outfitters that I have had the pleasure to hunt with and work for ....... THANK YOU
Without you, the career I love so much would not have been possible!

Ph: (403) 627-2540 (403) 339-3016 cell

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